Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Darts – It’s Just Not Cricket

The are obviously many different varieties of darts games to be played but, generally speaking, most darts games can be split into two distinct groups, namely those darts games played competitively and those for fun.

There is much enjoyment to be garnered from playing darts whether it is in competitive forms of the games like ‘501’ and ‘301’ or whether you play darts for fun with games like ‘Round the Clock’ or ‘Killer’. One of the most popular forms of darts games played for fun rather than in a competition style is a game known as ‘Cricket’. Whilst it is abundantly clear that darts and cricket could scarcely be more different if they tried, the game of darts ‘Cricket’ borrows some aspects from the bat and ball game to create a fun. The rules for the game of ‘Cricket’ in relation to darts are quite convoluted but once you get to grips with them, it soon reveals itself to be one of the most addictive and enjoyable ways to enjoy the sport of darts. More and more people buy darts online now because the extent of options from this medium is invariably much higher than that which is available on the high street which generally means that the quality of the equipment will be much higher.

Darts – The Rules of Cricket

As mentioned, the darts game of ‘Cricket’ is one of the most entertaining light hearted versions of the sport and taking a look at the rules will allow you to enjoy the game on your darts board. The basics of the darts game ‘Cricket’ can be summarised as the following:

  • Each wedge of numbers on the darts board is known as an ‘innings’ and the overall objective of the game is to close out all the innings by hitting each potion of the wedges before your opponent(s) do.
  • Merely ‘closing’ the innings doesn’t win the game in darts ‘Cricket’, however, if you’re opponent is still ahead on points.
  • For example, if you designated number on the darts board is 10, you will need to hit it 3 times to close the innings. This can be achieved by hitting three singles or a triple but closing the innings doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve won if your opponents have accumulated points in addition to having closed their innings e.g. if they score a triple 10 and two double 10s then they will have 40 points in addition to having closed their innings.

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